NIMBUS is a collaboration between Simon Gilberg, Angeline Armstrong and Simon Toppin as part of the MOVV experimental film studio at RMIT University 2014. Using 'bad boys' as a theme and springboard, they produced a trilogy of films, winning the Best Experimental Film Award from RMIT.

Inspired by Jorgen Leth's The Perfect Human, The Perfect Bad Boy combines improvised performances and rerecorded dialogue from genuine vox pops to humorously pick apart the bad boy image at its most superficial.

Born from a simple 'what if...?' and shot in one long take, The Art of Being a Bad Boy critiques the persona of the edgy modern artist, whilst simultaneously validating it by capturing it in an art film; both a satirical commentary and a genuine expression of bad boy art.

With sharp dialogue matched by equally detailed and focused extreme closeups, Watch Gonna Do? addresses the angst of the apathetic rebel, challenging the man-of-action masculinity of the bad boy in modern society, where the 99% struggle to articulate what they want to change. What's a bad boy to do when he wants to take down The Man?