'Daughters of the Believers' at Montreal Museum of Fine Art by Simon Gilberg

Mercedeh Baroque's Daughters of the Believers is screening at the Montreal Museum of Fine Art as part of the Art of Inclusion: Muslim Youth Take the Lead exhibition. It was a pleasure to collaborate on the film as a cinematographer and editor, exploring the diversity of muslim women through the lens of the punk Taqwacore movement.

Made possible by the Michaëlle Jean Foundation, the film provides a voice and visibility to marginalised Muslim youth in Quebec.

'The Happiness Curve' Wins Award at LA Webfest! by Simon Gilberg

'The Happiness Curve' team left Warner Bros. Studios with one award and two nominations, winning Outstanding Ensemble cast! Creators Mar (who was in attendance at the festival) and Ash were also extremely pleased with their nominations for Outstanding Writing and Outstanding Comedy Series.

Laura Vine and I accepted the award on behalf of the cast. There were so many great Aussie series winning awards left and right, and it's clear that the future for Australian film and TV is brighter with online streaming becoming the norm, whether it's Youtube, Vimeo, Netflix, or ABC iView.

'The Happiness Curve' nominated at LA Webfest by Simon Gilberg

I have some exciting news to share. Not only has The Happiness Curve been officially selected for LA Webfest 2016, it has also received three nominations: Outstanding Comedy Series, Outstanding Ensemble Cast, and Outstanding Writing.

I will be posting more updates on festival news soon, but in the meantime, feel free to watch (or re-watch) the series below:

The Happiness curve launch by Simon Gilberg

On December 18th 2015, The Happiness Curve officially launched at Loop Project Space & Bar in Melbourne. I couldn't be prouder of this little series an amazing cast and crew dedicated so much time and effort towards. It was a pleasure to be one of the series directors, and I'm so happy to see so many familiar and brand new faces were able to enjoy it together.

You can enjoy the entire series below:

Premiere of 'Feu' at Kino Montréal by Simon Gilberg

 Images taken by Kino

Images taken by Kino

I premiered my first ever francophone film for Kino Montréal's defi du mois, a monthly challenge to create short films on a theme. Entries this month were based on headlines in Le Navet, a Québecois parody news site similar to The Onion. I was inspired by the headline Étude : Mettre le feu à son appart et repartir sa vie à zéro est plus facile que faire le ménage or Study: Setting fire to your apartment and starting your life from zero is easier than cleaning up.

It was a delight to be surrounded by so many great filmmakers and have the opportunity to showcase some work to an audience in such a unique and vibrant city, as well as having the chance to practice some very rusty french.

The Happiness Curve premiere by Simon Gilberg

So excited to know The Happiness Curve has finally premiered to an audience in Melbourne. I wish I could be there to celebrate with the cast and crew, but like the rest of the world I'll have to wait until the 21st to see the entire series online. Until then, this trailer will have to do:

Four twenty-something attempt to survive the best years of their lives. 'The Happiness Curve' is a new comedy web series made in Melbourne. Watch all six episodes on December 21st!